torsdag 18. februar 2010

Climb the 11 challenging steps to a brighter future

Step 1: JOIN FORCES. All transport modes agree on a plan for common attack on the traffic situation.
Step 2: ESTABLISH A DECISION BASE. Analysis of travellers, service and freight resulting in statistics of volumes of segregated / homogenous traffic categories.
Step 3: ESTABLISH CORDON CHECK POINTS outside /at the edge of the city.
Step 4: RUSH HOUR POLICY- PRIORITY RULES. Decide which traffic categories (see pt.2) are to be given priority during rush hours/ congested periods.
Step 5: LOCATE AND BUILD park 'n ride sites.
Step 6: INCREASE PUBLIC TRANSPORT CAPACITY. Order rolling stock and increase rail infrastructure, bus lanes, etc.
Step 7: ESTABLISH INFORMATION SPOTS on and along mototways and parking lots.
Step 8: DATA SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE linked to the central TrafficLogistics brain/ steering system
Step 9: ELECTRONIC TAGS are developed and installed in all vehicles
Step 10: Decide on number of FREE RUSH HOUR PASSES per year for private cars
Step 11: DEVELOP TOOL for calculating optimal travel route towards the city

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