onsdag 28. november 2012

- "Traffic congestion is not the problem in my country", somebody told me,- "our problem is nepotism, corruption and paid off politicians"

mandag 12. november 2012

welcome to the club

NSB toppsjef Geir Isaksen sa i en offentlig debatt siste uke at han så for seg fremtidens rushperioder i byer uten privatbilpendlere. En modig mann, denne NSB-sjefen!

torsdag 8. november 2012

Who is to decide what kind of traffic is best for the city: the car commuters entering the city from some distance away, or the city authorities ?

tirsdag 6. november 2012

-"You may like your own attitude and rules, but in our city we decide and govern according to our rules and regulations. Welcome as a commuter to our city!"

lørdag 3. november 2012

Free of charge analysis of your city commuter traffic + advantages/disadvantages/ possibilities when applying "TrafficLogistics" priority system

fredag 2. november 2012

TrafikkLogistikk AS har tilbudt byer (gratis) å studere fordeler/ ulemper og muligheter ved å anvende prioriteringssystemet "TrafikkLogistikk"

torsdag 1. november 2012

Bytrafikk er bare politikk?

City traffic and commuters,  - -  is the solution chosen only a matter of politics and politicians' ego/ short-sightedness ?